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Contemporary Worship Songs


What an awesome ministry you have!  Thank you so much for your service to the Lord!

Phillip (Lutheran Pastor)




New Song!

New Songs!

"All Creation Worships Your Glory" is a song about the worship that takes place in nature and the worship that takes place in us


"We Are Chosen" is a song based  1 Peter 2:8-9


"Show Me Your Ways" is a song based on Psalm 25:4-5






The Next CD

Having completed work on the "On the Wings of an Eagle" project, I will be turning my attention to the next CD, which will include the True Vine Music Worship songs that are most frequently requested and downloaded.





Welcome to True Vine Music

True Vine Worship is the music of Michael A. Schmid, pastor and worship leader in Napa, CA.  Our prayer is that the songs of True Vine Music will be a blessing to you and your congregation! 


The worship songs of True Vine Music are :

On the Wings of an Eagle CD

This CD  includes all of the songs written for St. Johm's Lutheran School in Napa, CA. 


The CD and songs are available for purchase through this website and other online stores.  All of the lyrics, chord and sheet music will be available for free download here.

For more information on this recording, please click here.

For an article in the Napa Register about the CD, click here



Written for congregational singing in accessible keys with learnable melodies.


Intended to be led by piano or guitar, or, ideally, a full worship band.


Christ-centered and rich in biblical and theological content.  For more info . . .


Songs written especially for baptism, as well as songs that reflect and celebrate the meaning and significance of the Lord's Supper.  For more info . . .


A setting of the communion liturgy, the matins service, and other liturgical components.  For more info . . .



New Songs!

Free Downloads!

You may download all of the chord and sheet music for all the praise and worship music on this site for free.  Worship songs are available as:
                Lyric Sheets
                Chord Sheets
                Lead Sheets (Melody line with chords)
                Keyboard and Vocal Music

The songs that appear on the "On the Wings of an Eagle" CD are available for purchase through this website, as well as the songs included on the "Breaking Barriers" DVD.  Please note that the chord and sheet msuci is available, however, for free download

The mp3 audio recordings for the other songs are available for free download.  For more information on file for


mats and downloading, click here.



CCLI License

All True Vine Music worship songs are registered with CCLI.  If your congregation has a CCLI license you do not need permission from True Vine Music to use these songs or to reproduce the music for congregational use.  If you do not have a CCLI license, click here to find out how you can obtain one.  In the meantime, please contact us to find out how you can obtain the appropriate permission for the song you wish to use.