Songs for Worship

Welcome to True Vine Music! Our mission is to provide Christ-centered, Biblically-grounded, contemporary worship songs for the church. We provide original congregational worship songs on many themes including Baptism, the Lord's Supper, and the Liturgy. Come, let us worship the Lord!



"Mike, I checked out your website and I looked at the lyrics of almost every song and listened to most of the songs.  These are very good songs, with great lyrics and great music. In the vast sea of CCM music, it was refreshing to hear some good "Lutheran" contemporary music.  I appreciate how your lyrics have a good Gospel and Biblical message and reflect Lutheran theology. These type of contemporary songs are hard to find.  You have a wonderful God given song-writing talent that will be a blessing to many people.  Thanks again for your music and your website."

John (a guitar player for blended worship)


“I am an 82 year old woman recently reconfirmed.  I stumbled upon your music and it is like an elixir to my soul.  I play it getting up and going to bed, also in between.”


"I would like to thank you for the wonderful music you provide for God's children through your website . I have personally used your music to sing at church and everyone in church loves the music you so kindly provide."



"You guys are awesome.  I am about to become a father for the first time and I wanted to have my brother who is an extremely talented singer do a song at the baptism.  There isn't much that we liked in the new Hymnal (although we still really like the hymnal) and so I jumped online, not really expecting to find much of anything that was good or doctrinally sound.  I was so pleased to find this site and song, and I will definitely be using this site in my ministry as a teacher in a Lutheran High School.  Thanks again!"

Kevin, Lutheran School Teacher


"All the members of the Church are very happy to hear that you replied and placed the accompanying track of Glory to God. I've downloaded it already. We are now practicing the song. We will sing this on this coming Saturday and Sunday. We really appreciate it. Thank you so much. The members of Gospel Light Baptist Fellowship would like to thank you also. God bless you with many blessings!"

Ahl Dulguime, Philippines


"I sang "Child of Mine" yesterday at my niece's baptism and it was a hit!! Thank you so much for taking the time to send me a copy in the lower key. I really appreciate it! It will be a song that I will continue to sing to my niece as she gets older!"


"Michael, I just recently came across the 4 Praise site and stumbled across your songs.  Just wanted to let you know now much I appreciate the depth of your words.  So many of the songs today seem to be one verse mantra`s and lack the deeper reality of the gospel.  Thanks for sharing you music."  



"My name is Favour Christopher I am one of your fans. I am an African living in Ghana. I am a born again, your ministry is a wonderful one, your songs has helped me a lot in my spiritual growth, I love listening to your songs so much because it tells me the situation i am in and my position in the Lord. It allows me to examine myself every time i listened to it. Your songs are so wonderful and it is a great service your ministry have been giving to the whole world. May the Lord bless your ministry and uplift you to release more songs through the leading of the Holy Spirit so that the evangelism through your songs could go on in Christ  Jesus. Amen!"

Favour, Ghana


"Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!  I was searching and searching for a something to sing for my grandson's baptism.  You not only had what I needed but it was a snap to print it out and I will be able to use this easily. Your website is, no pun intended, a Godsend."


"I would like to tell you that your song "Lead Us Out" is an absolute blessing and hearing it, singing it, I just feel like shouting my praises loudly to the Lord because it truly is by His grace alone that we are even capable of opening our eyes in the morning. I am truly blessed by this song that you have written and I want to sing it for special music at my church."


"Congratulations for thinking of creating this web. It is a very big help to all Lutheran Churches to learn new contemporary songs which we can call it our very own. I am so happy to have visited your web as I was browsing for a new song to teach to the young people in our church." 

Gladys, Philippines








Church large and small

One of the delights of placing my music on the website has been the unexpected joy of hearing that my songs have been used in places all around the globe.  I have received feedback from England, Philippines, Ghana, Kenya, Australia, South Africa and other places.  It has reminded me of the vastness of Christ's church, but also the smallness, as brothers and sisters separated by so many miles can connect and rejoice in their faith.

Mike Schmid