Songs for Worship

Welcome to True Vine Music! Our mission is to provide Christ-centered, Biblically-grounded, contemporary worship songs for the church. We provide original congregational worship songs on many themes including Baptism, the Lord's Supper, and the Liturgy. Come, let us worship the Lord!




Looking for Lutheran Contemporary Worship Songs?

Are you looking for contemporary worship songs that reflect  Lutheran theology? 

  • That clearly proclaim the gospel?

  • That place the cross at the center of the praise?

  • That point to the real presence in the Sacrament of the Altar?

  • That honor God's gifts in Baptism?

  • That reflect Lutheran worship theology?

Welcome to True Vine Music, where you will find Lutheran Contemporary worship songs available for free download (mp3s, sheet music, lead sheets, chord sheets, and lyrics).  These songs are all registered with CCLI, so if you have a CCLI license, you can make use of them immediately.


A Lutheran Perspective

The songs of Tue Vine Music are written from a biblical Lutheran perspective and reflect the theology of the Lutheran Confessions.  Lutheran congregations that engage in contemporary worship are often frustrated in trying to locate songs that reflect a Lutheran perspective on certain teachings of the Bible.  Especially these areas:

  • The sacramental presence of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion

  • The work of God in Holy Communion

  • The central importance of justification and the forgiveness of sin through faith alone in Jesus Christ.

  • The role of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit in empowering the life of the believer.

  • Finding God where He has promised to be: In His Word, in Communion, in Baptism, in the Worship of the Church,

One of the purpose of True Vine Music is to help fill that gape for Lutheran congregations.  Included on this site is a setting of the liturgy.  This setting of the liturgy preserves the familiar liturgical text but with a more contemporary feel.  There are also contemporary versions of the Te Deum and the Venite.  More liturgical texts will be contemporized in the future.


For the Lutheran Church

Living Stones” is included in “The Best of the Best in Contemporary Praise & Worship Songbook,” published by Fellowship Ministries.( ). 

Ablaze,” written for the current Mission Movement in the LCMS by the same name, was performed at the 2004 Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) Leadership Conference for leaders of the LCEF and the LCMS. 

"Ablaze" has been included in the Ablaze DVD: Crossing the Jordan, and is also offered as an Ablaze resource on the LCMS website here.

Baptized in His Name” was used at a Hymn Festival at an District Convention of the Iowa East District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

"Embrace" was the theme song for the 2006 Convention of the California-Nevada-Hawaii District of the LCMS>






Other Lutherans

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