Songs for Worship

Sing joyfully to the LORD, you righteous; it is fitting for the upright to praise him.  Praise the LORD with the harp; make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre. Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.

Psalm 33:1-3 (NIV)



Xtreme Faith, Xtreme God



This song was written by Bob Hauch for the students of St. John's Lutheran School.  Although it was never a school year theme, it was still a song Bob used in his classroom, in chapel services, and in Sunday worship.  As one of the last songs he composed, in the midst of his struggle with cancer, he was living the faithfulness and perseverence the song refers to.

This song provided the title of Bob Hauch's memorial service as well.  Bob had requested that Romans 5:1-8 be used for that service.  Romans 5:1-4 describes the "xtreme faith" that finds joy even in suffering. Romans 5:5-8 describes the love of our "xtreme God" who loved us while we were yet sinners. 

We are called to walk in '"xtreme faith" in the challenges we face in life. But we are strengthened by our "xtreme God" who finds a ways for us and walk alongside us.  Confident of His love for us, we can live "xtreme" lives of faithfulness.

For the recording, the song is sung by William Francis, who graduated from St. John's Lutheran School in 2011.

Bible Verses

Numbers 13-14, Daniel 3, Daniel 6, Romans 12:1-2, Romans 5:1-8, Isaiah 43:1-3


Faith, Faithfulness, Courage, Faithfulness of God, Presence of God, Perseverence



Verse 1
Twelve men stood at the border of the promised land
Frightened by what faced them, there were ten who ran
Only Joshua and Caleb stood their ground that day
For them there was no turnin' back
God would find a way

It takes Xtreme Faith in an Xtreme God
If you're gonna go the distance up against all odds
If you're gonna take a stand
If youre gonna do what's right
Put your trust in Jesus and then hang on tight

Verse 2
When all those who feared the king heard the trumpet call
They took the easy waynd to their knees they would fall
But Daniel never gave in
He didn't really care
If he found himself in the lion's den 
He knew God would be there

Verse 3
When you find that you are tempted just to play along
Or blindly follow the crowd because you want to belong
It takes a lot of courage to step out on your own
But if God is on your side
You never walk alone